Thursday, April 29, 2010

The art of unplugging

Let's face it, even though we all love to work from home and being freelancers, it is sometimes hard to stop working, to turn off the computer, phone etc. and just relax. It is for me in any case. In fact the only time I am totally unplugged is when I go out in the beautiful Utah wilderness and off the grid, no Internet, no cell phone service. There is nothing else to do but to relax and enjoy time with family and nature. That is exactly what I did last weekend when I took the family to Capitol Reef National Park in Utah.

Beautiful hiking in Capitol Reef National Park

Our home away from home

The opportunities to do this are plenty in Utah, with 7 national parks within the Utah-borders. Nature clears my head, puts everything in perspective, and I come back refreshed and ready to start working and using my computer and social media again. How do you unplug, or can you unplug?


  1. Hi Tess! You're so right! It's very difficult to unplug when you work from home. There's always another job to do or another site to check out etc. We have a house in Spain, where there is no Internet connection and no television and when we go there, it's absolutely fantastic to enjoy this peace. You first experience withdrawal symptoms (the kids keep begging us to pop at the Internet cafes etc.), but once you've passed this initial period, it's bliss! You actually start looking around you properly. When we go there outside the obvious beach season, we read a lot, paint, walk and explore little villages in the area and it is really refreshing!

  2. I am all about nature, too. I head outside a lot, and hike a lot at Red Rock, which is 5 minutes from my house. Another way to unwind: reading. Instead of watching TV, I read voraciously, and I also run and train for half-marathons, that usually helps. :) My newest trick: not taking the laptop whenever I travel and leaving the BlackBerry at home. Sorry, laptop, no Italy/Croatia/Slovenia trip for you.

    I love Nathalie's comment about her house above! Jealous -- good jealous: a house in Spain, wow!

    BTW, Tess -- nominated your blog for the Top 100 Language Blogs.

  3. Yay for unplugging Judy, Dagmar and Nathalie! Short unplugs for me are running with my dog, yoga and I am also an avid reader, but sometimes I need extended unplugs for several days. Good for you Judy that you are not bringing the laptop tu Italy, Croatia and Slovenia.

    A million thanks also Judy for nominating my blog. I feel very honored! Will have to check that out.

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