About me

My name is Tess Whitty. I am a native English-Swedish freelance translator, living in the US since 2001. I founded Swedish Translation Services in 2003 and by that I found my dream job. Languages, writing and cultures have always been my passion. I also speak a bit French, German Finnish and Italian.

Before moving to the US, I worked as a Product Marketing Manager for a telecommunications company in Sweden. During my time there I also translated documents between English and Swedish and Finnish and Swedish. I have a M.A. in Business Communications and a M.Sc. in Economics. During my years as a Product Marketing Manager I often translated sales and technical documents from English to Swedish and vice versa. I live in a completely bilingual home and for five years I also taught Swedish as a second language to adults and teenagers.

I am very comfortable using the latest versions of different translation software, MS Office and the Internet. I stick religiously to deadlines and pride myself in offering high quality translations that are proofread and edited. I have extensive knowledge and experience with both the Swedish and North American cultures. I travel to Sweden every year and I keep myself updated within my fields of expertise in both languages in order to be able to offer a professional and natural translation.

• Software localization
• IT and telecommunication
• Marketing, PR, advertizing, copywriting
• Business communication
• Multimedia

I am an active member of the American Translators Association (atanet.org) and it’s Nordic Division, where I am currently working on starting a certification program for English into Swedish, plus administering our new blog (nordicdivision.wordpress.com). I am also a member of the Swedish Association for Professional Translators (sfoe.se) in Sweden.