Monday, April 12, 2010

8 translator blogs I follow

It is time that I share some good blogs about freelance translation and translation as a business that I follow. I have probably not found all the great ones yet, so please share. Here are 8 blogs that I have found newsworthy: - A great blog about translation (duh!) with tips for beginning translators, blogs, tools, the translation market, and my favorite "business practices". The blogger is Riccardo Schiaffino. - Philippa Hammond runs a blog called "Blogging Translator" with business and marketing advice for freelance translators.

I am also following one of my business localization role models Eve Bodeux, who runs a sucessful localization company and blogs about localization, translation, business etc. at

Jill Sommer has a blog called Musings from an overworked translator at I truly love her musings, opinions and tips about the translation business.

Thoughts on Translations is another translator run blog by Corinne McKay, also the author of "How to succeed as a freelance translator". This one is one of the first blogs I started following. Corinne is a driven FR-EN freelance translator with great business ideas for freelance translators. Her blog can be found at

My new business friend and business consultant Judy Jenner runs a great blog and translation business with her twin sister Dagmar Jenner at Translation Times - the entrepreneurial linguists and translating twins blog about the business of translation from Las Vegas and Vienna. All this useful information can be found at

Translation Tribulations is run by Kevin Lossner and is about "an exploration of translation technologies, marketing strategies, workflow optimization, resource reviews, controversies and other topics of interest to translators, language service providers and language service consumers.

For more translator's business secrets, go to, run by Joy Mo, a very successful online business woman and translator.

I hope you find these as useful as I do. Did I miss some important ones? I hope you all have a great day!


  1. Thanks for the mention, Tess! That is a list of our favorites as well. One of my new recent favorites is by Paula Dieli of the NCTA, It's a great blog about her life as a PM and a fantastic perspective from the PM's point of view. She's also a localization guru, so you might really enjoy her blog. The Masked Translator is not posting much these days...miss him/her. We also love B.J. Epstein's Brave New Words:

  2. Yes, thanks, Tess, for the mention! I appreciate your thoughts and insight as well - here at the blog and on Twitter.
    Eve Bodeux