Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How do you market? Do you have a marketing plan?

I am writing a paper/presentation on marketing plans for freelance translators. This is your chance to contribute (I would mention you). How do you market yourself as a freelance translator? Do you have a marketing plan? I know I will have one soon, since I will be presenting one. ;-) Hope to hear from you!

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  1. Interesting topic – I am surprised others have not commented.
    When I started translating 10 years ago I sent out a few CVs and got zero response. On ProZ I responded to some job offers, and got one or two jobs – a very low bit rate.
    Then I expanded my ProZ profile, and after a very slow start that brought in a growing volume of work mainly thanks to translation companies trawling through ProZ looking for translators.
    I also signed up with other translation websites and got some work.
    In short, I am persuaded that registering on translation websites, and playing an active part, is the best marketing. As for social networks (I am on LinkedIn), they are some way from challenging the likes of ProZ.