Monday, July 26, 2010

Creating a Marketing Plan for Freelance Translators

I am grateful to have a background in international marketing, both professionally and as an education. Now I would like to share this knowledge with other freelance translators and I get the opportunity to do so at the ATA:s annual Conference in Denver, CO on Saturday Oct. 30th.

Most of us know that we should have a marketing plan for our small (or one man) business. But how do we create one that is targeted specifically to our industry? The session will cover the elements of a marketing plan, such as objective, product/service, unique selling points or benefits, market and segmentation, competition, customers or prospects, what media to use and how to track, follow and adjust the marketing plan. Specific examples are given that are targeted and adapted to the translation industry from the standpoint of an independent contractor.

I hope to see you there, but if you miss this you can also watch/listen to a presentation on the subject at the ProZ Virtual Conference on Translator's Day, Sept, 30th, 2010.

Now you have a chance to also share your marketing tips for freelance translators by posting them as comments here. Do you have a marketing plan?


  1. I have so much repeat business that I have not needed to market my services at all. However, new prospective clients are quoted higher rate than my current baseline. Some balk but enough of them accept this rate so I can put those new clients in my A list. Also my plan includes getting rid of the worst clients as need be.
    If I wanted to get direct clients then yes, a marketing plan would be necessary.

    Looking forward to your talk in Denver!
    - Tapani

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