Sunday, March 21, 2010

Strategic Marketing of Translation Services

This is a book I found online by accident and I am glad I did. It is rare to find a marketing book targeted to translators. "The Insiders Guide to Strategic Marketing of Translation Services, by A.M. Sall is just that. As a freelancer or a small translation business it is important to market your services in order to thrive. This book give you “The 7 Parts of an Effective Strategic Translation Service Marketing System”, starting with building your moral and intellectual armors and creating a marketing mindset. Not every linguist is born with a marketing mindset, right? Then the book tells you how to create a marketing plan and do market research. It also introduces its own “Strategic Translation Services Marketing System”. You get valuable information about how to submit to portals, directories, translation agencies and how to create publicity for yourself. I found the book very useful and it gives lots of examples and practical advice. You can find the book at and you can preview the first section for free. The book can be downloaded directly from the site for $18.75, but sssshh… don’t tell anyone. We do not want everyone to become great at marketing their language services do we?

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